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Why Loose Leaf Tea?

Organic Loose Leaf Tea in Charlotte,NC.

If you are looking for high quality tea, loose leaf tea is the way to go. Although tea bags are convenient, they hide the true quality of the tea. Companies often hide the quality of their tea in their tea bags. Lexcali-Tea offers high quality loose leaf tea that you can trust.

Family Dinner

Why Choose Lexicali-Tea?

A Local Tea Company

We are a local family owned business in the heart of North Carolina. Our teas are sourced and blended with you in mind. When you purchase from us you are supporting your local community. We are happy to have you and would love to welcome you into the

Lexicali-Tea Family!

How We ShowWe Care

For Family, For Health, For Love

You and your family are the heart of our company. We blend teas for the tired mom who needs a pick me up. The college student who needs to relax before their next exam. The child who needs an immunity boost during flu season before the last school field trip. We are here to serve you. Your family is our family.

Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink
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